Hernando Bicycle Club

Hernando, MS

 Part of our reason for forming this club is to show our city and county leaders that we want Hernando to be a bicycle friendly community. Bike lanes and posted bike routes would be the beginning. Our city and county leaders do not know there is a need for these things if we don't tell them. So, what I urge you to do, is to contact your alderman and district supervisor. Let them know we exist, and what we would like. This is the first step to making Hernando safer for cyclists. If we join together, our collective voice will be heard, but it will take all of us! Call or write your alderman  and district supervior now!

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Check out what is the first of many things to come. Bike Lanes have been striped on  Parkway, with more plans on the way. Read for yourself:

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Here is and update from August 2008:


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